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pH mV Cond TDS Salt Temp Meter

Your best choice for testing water pH level, TDS and Salt. This pH, mV, TDS, Salt and temperature testing tool is using a smart micro processor to deliver accurate water test results

pH mV Cond TDS Salt Temp Meter

Microprocessor based designed.
Large LCD displays readings and temperature simultaneously.
Rugged design with waterproof housing. It floats on water.
Measuring 5 parameters: pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, and temperature by just on combo electrode.
Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC). °C or °F are switchable.
Memory function stores and recalls up to 150 points. MAX/MIN and data Lock.
Simple to calibrate by one keyboard for 5 points buffer.
Indicate percentage of slope (PTS) after calibration
Auto power shut off after 10 minutes of non use.
Easy replaced electrode module.

pH/Conductivity/Temperature 3-in-1 electrode
Buffer 7.00 x 50ml
Buffer 4.01 x 50ml
1413μS x 50ml
12.88mS x 50ml
Soaking solution x 5ml
Instruction manual
carrying case
AAA battery x 4 (installed in the meter)
Optional: ORP electrode.

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