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Portable Sea Water Ro System

Portable Sea Water Ro System

Good news for you if you are visiting and camping at sea side. Now you can get fresh clean drinking water from sea by using the electric free portable sea water reverse osmosis system

Portable Direct Sea water RO Filtration System


  • Electric Free
  • Portable
  • Trolly Mounted
  • Small In Size

 This Unique Sea water RO System has no need of electricity which is specially designed for small boats, fishing Boats, camping and icelands. It converts direct sea water into sweet drinkable water without Feed water tank and does not require any seperate storage tank which makes the system unique.This System has its own storage tank and smart faucet.
 Cost effective that cames fit on every budget.

Feed Water Requirements

Self Priming Distance           5M
Feed Water TDS          Sea water
pH restriction          2-12
Feed Water Temperature          45°C

System specification:

Dimension                       (L)400mm-(W)470mm-(H)760mm
Weight                       36Kgs
Motor                       2HP
Gasoline                       2T Engine Oil (25:1)
Gear Oil Type                       10W/40W
In/Out Diameter                       (Feed) 1/2"(Drain) 3/8"(Pure) 3/8"
Control                       Oil Regulator
Pressure guages                       Operating Pressure Guage (1000P)
RO Membrane Housing                       FRP-2521-1000P

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