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Mr.Smart Water Filter

Mr.Smart Water Filter

Mr Smart Water filter as its name indicates, is a water filtration system which is using smart technology to deliver instant clean fresh drinking water at office or home

Mr Smart Water Filtration System


Remove pollution, impurity & chlorine. Keep Mineral substance.Provide you clean & safe water.

  •  Elegant design
  •  Quick change filters , easy to use
  •  No drain, no electric wire , easy to install
  •  CE certified
  •  Digital Dual Stage Water Filter Counter
  •  Top type Equipped with digital flow meter, remind you to replace filters Filtration performance: 2000 gallons
  •  2 stage filters Carbon filter removes chemical, chlorine and odor
  •  LCD display  Dimensions:L26 x W11 x 33.4 (cm)
  • Display function:

1. Flow rate counter(water volume)

2. Change filter reminder (alarm)

3. Reset

4. Days counter

5 .Battery lifetime display

 Battery supply: 1.5V x2, LR03 size or equivalent.

 Made in Taiwan


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