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What Is The Difference Between Water Treatment With Ultra Violet (UV) Light And Chlorine?

Published on: 2017-09-27 By: undefined
What Is The Difference Between Water Treatment With Ultra Violet (UV) Light And Chlorine
Every one wants to drink pure water that is safe for their health. To get clean water,depending on the type of water, it is treated with UV light or Chlorine or some other chemicals. While various types of membranes are used for water filtration.

The bad water test is kind of test that shows the presence of bacteria called e.coli or coliform. The e.coli and coliform bacteria should not be existed in drinking water source. A laboratory that tests water will be able to test for the existence of these bacteria. When it has been found that either of these two bacteria are present in the supplied water, The most of  water professionals will offer two choices to treat the water that  has bacteria into it, UV light or Chlorine.

The chlorine is an aggressive oxidizing agent, when chlorine is added to the water, it very quickly attacks the tissues of bacteria or other microorganisms that may exists in the water. But the problem is that, chlorine also gets mixed with some of the naturally occurring chemicals in the water to produce harmful disinfection byproducts that makes the drinking water unsafe, somehow.

The UV light, adds no byproduct to the water. It only kills bacteria and other microorganisms as they pass through the UV light. The ultraviolet system is composed of a steel chamber into which a UV lamp is fixed. An UV system also includes a power supply, sometimes called a ballast, for powering the lamp. Residential ultraviolet light water purifier is usually plumbed on the main water suply line for a home. Some of the UV water filtration systems are equipped with a UV light sensor and NSF Certified. 7 Stages RO Purifier With Ultra Violet

It is also important to know that all UV water treatment systems should be used with sediment filter.  The sediments that are allowed to pass through the UV system can harbor bacteria and will create shadow inside the chamber that may decrease the effectiveness of the UV water filter system.  UltraTec UV Water Filters work very well for this purpose.

Since decades many smaller UV water purification systems has been available for residential applications. And thousands of these UV Water purification systems have been sold and installed in homes, offices, and in various other public places such as  community centers, clinics and hotels.



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