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Why to use water filter for drinking water and how to buy a home water filter?

Published on: 2017-09-27 By: Ultra Tec Team
Why to use water filter for drinking water and how to buy a home water filter
Clean water is necessary for our health. Tap water gets contaminated as it reaches your home through a long pipeline. The plastic injects toxic chemical at varying temperature into Bottled water. So how to get clean pure drinking water then? ...

Guide to purchase a best water filter for your home or office use

Concerns over tap water quality and pureness are continue to grow, various manufacturers have introduced various water filtration products for home & office use. Home water filters can remove contaminants, but you need to choose a best quality home water filter from a reliable supplier of water purification producst. It can be somehow difficult to know if you need a whole house water filtation system (at point of entry) or a mini home water purifier at point of use. Read  the following step-by-step guide to find the best home water filter.

The good home water filters use the technology called Reverse Osmosis (R.O.). It is the the same process used in water bottling companies. Having a home water filter you can get pure water at home at any time.  


1. The types of water filter systems for homeWhole House Water Filtration

There are two major type of water filters for home use:

  A.  Whole house water filtration system:  The whole house water filter is connected to the main source entry point, that is from where the water enters into your home. As it is connected a main entry point, so it provides clean water to all the home.

 B.  Home mini water filter system:  The mini water filter comes with its own faucet and reserve tank. The water filter can be installed any where in the home or office, connected to a single internal source, mostly installed in kicthen under the washing sink.


 The water filter serves clean water instantly, most of the contamiantions been removed, ready to drink pure and healthy water  .


The other types of water filters are  personal water bottles or water flasks with built-in filters, refrigerator filters, counter top filter system and water dispenser filters. These types are good for single people or couples since they only need to filter a small amount of drinking water at a time.7 Stages RO Water Purifier With Ultra Violet


 2  What type of water filter system you need for your home?Alkaline Water Flask

If you have a bit bigger family that drinks several gallons of water a day, a single mini home water filter would need to be refilled constantly, but for a smaller family or couple water needs would be met by a small filter or flask filter.

If the contamination in your water are very toxic, you will probably need a whole house filter to clean all the incoming water into your house.


If you are only filtering the water for taste and need instant pure water, then you will need a 5 to 7 stages home water filter. 

Research the different options. Consider buying from a supplier who has Certified Water Treatment  products and professional.Office RO Water Filter Dispenser


Keep track of when your filter needs to be replaced. If you are using the filter and do not change it when it is has to be replaced, then your filtered water will not be clean anymore. Use a calendar or other reminder to keep track of when it is the time to change filter cartridge. A good water filters supplier will send their tech person to replace it for you. 



Note:  You must ask the supplier of water filters, if they have any qualified water technology engineer or not. Buy only from those who has qualified engineers.





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