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Why You Need A Water Filter or Water Purifier?

Published on: 2017-09-27 By: undefined
Why You Need A Water Filter or Water Purifier
The plastic bottled water normally may get contaminated during handling and delivery process. The plastic releases chemicals into the water due to high temperature. Tap water reaches you through a long pipe line, and may get contaminated in the way.

So how you can get clean drinking water then? 

Tap Water may contain chemicals, dirt, minerals and some other contamination or impurites that may effect its oder or taste. May be some of these impurites endanger your and your family health. In case if they include microscopic organisms, lead and bacteria that can be harmful to health. The water filtration can help clean & purify water, removes the impurities and making the water safe to drink, it can also improves the water taste.Home water filter system

Chlorine Reduction

Many municipal water utility companies use chlorine to treat drinking water because it is inexpensive, easy to use and very effective for killing many of bacteria found in water. That may also eliminate some viruses. While it is a good disinfectant, but chlorine may make drinking water odor and taste unpleasant for human, and it may also react with some metals to form harmful compounds. An activated carbon filter can remove the chlorine odor and make its taste better.


Dangerous Lead Removal

As you may know that lead is toxic when ingested, and it is important to remove it from drinking water. Lead normally gets into drinking water when it seeps into the water supply from old plumbing pipes or through the solder used to join them together. It may be removed from water through reverse osmosis filter, distillation and carbon filters specifically designed to remove the metal. If you are using well water, the health agencies recommending that you should test your well at least once a year for lead and other contaminants presence.


Removing Sediments

The water filters are used to remove dirt and other debris from water, along side with silt and clay particles that present in water. Some water filters may be made from metal screens, fabric, ceramic or paper. The impurities are called sediment,  may cause an unpleasant taste but they are not usually a health risk. Most of the home water filtration units use replaceable paper filters that screen out fine sediment, the fore mentioned impurites.

Minerals ReductionWhole house Water Sterilizer

Minerals like calcium, manganese and Iron, are not armful to human health, but they may cause drinking water to taste unpleasant or differently. If wash water contains iron or manganese then they may cause stains on clothes, or they may discolor porcelain and other dishes washed in minerals rich water. These minerals can build up in water pipes, gradually clogging them and reducing water pressure, effecting water flow and possibly causing plumbing problems that will make water flow unbearable low. 


Removal of Pesticide and Chemical

More than half a century ago, most common pesticides contained heavy metals that did not readily dissolve in water, but now a days pesticide residue in drinking water may be on the rise because modern organic pesticides dissolve in water and can easily get into the water supply. The activated carbon filters remove pesticides and volatile organic compounds from drinking water to make it safe for consumption.

Removing Pathogen

 The water filtering is necessory to keep harmful bacteria, parasites and other organisms off from drinking water. A microscopic parasite that causes the disease Giardiasis, is a type of illness that causes diarrhea and may last as long as 6 weeks, is Giardia intenstinalis, an organism that can survive in the environment for many months. It may be ingested from water that has become contaminated with animal or human feces. Another such parasite that can cause similar symptoms is cryptosporidium. Cryptosporidium is resistant to chlorine and must be filtered out with mechanical filters. These pathogens are effectively removed by passing water through filters listed as ultra-, micro-and nano-filters. Water filtration protects your health. 


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