Water Filters UAE

Water Chiller For Home And Villas

Water Chiller For Home And Villas

Water Chillers for home water tank. The best water cooling system to turn hot water into cold water. It can cool water tanks of up to 3000 gallons. Shower with cold water in hot summer. #waterChiller

Water Cooling System For Homewater cooling system in Dubai

The tank water is very hot in summer, it is very hard to take bath with hot water. The water chiller, is an affordable water cooling system, offered by Ultratec in Dubai UAE.

To have a shower with cold water in hot weather, you will need a best quality water cooling system for water tank to cool the hot water. 

The water cooling system for home use, is reasonably priced and supplied all over UAE. If you are looking for a good quality and reliable supplier of water chiller in Dubai, then contact UltraTec UAE. 


Electrical Supply
Compressor Power Rating
Water Pump Power Rating

220-240V / 50 Hz / 1Ph
Fan Cooled Tube /Plate Type With Weather Protection
Hermetic Sealed Reciprocating Type 
2.0 TR : 2.58 kW/Hr - 12 amps 
2.5 TR : 3.00 kW/Hr - 14.5 amps
3.0 TR : 3.60 kW/Hr - 16 amps 
1/2 HP
Cooling Capacity: Cools from 55°(inlet) to 25°c (outlet)
560 x 560 x 590 mm

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