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Evo pure USA Alkaline RO

Evo pure USA Alkaline RO

If you looking for a 7 Stages Alkaline water purifier then the Evo-pure home water filter system is the best water purifier. It will give you enough fresh alkaline water for your family.

7 Stages Evo-pure USA Alkaline RO Water Filter System For Home



7 Stage Alkaline R.O. water Purifier
10” Sediment Filter
10” GAC Filter
10” Carbon Block Filter
Booster Pump
RO Dow Membrane
Post inline GAC Filter
Taste & Odor Filter
Mineral Filter

Alkaline Filter
Stand for the filtration Unit
Filtered Water Storage and Pressure Tank

Benefits of Using Alkaline Water:

1.Helpful for Detoxification 

2. Reduces Acid Reflux

3. Helps Improve Bone Health

4. Provides Antioxidant

5. Essential for Heart Health

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