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Alkaline Ionizer Water Machine

Alkaline Ionizer Water Machine

The Alkaline water ionizer converts tap water pH into optimal pH level, making it alkaline.The pH level range from 0 to 14, pH 7 is neutral. and pH level less than 7 is acidic

What is Alkaline Water Machine? 

The Alkaline water ionizer machine converts tap water pH into optimal pH level. High pH water has less free hydrogen ions. The pH level range from 0 to 14, pH 7 is neutral. And lower than pH level 7 is acidic. pH higher than 7 is alkaline. The milk has pH level of 7,  and most of the  sodas haa pH level of around 3.

Japan filter CE alkaline water ionizer

  • Advanced Innovation Automatic Variable Frequency Fix Position System
  • Patented Constant Water Pressure System
  • Automatic Variable Frequency Step-less Alkaline Water Regulating System
  • Japan Filter Cartridge could remove lead and heavy metals.
  • Its carbon fiber could anti-bacteria to gain the water hygiene effect.

High level alkaline water could release the toxin of vegetables
and fruits as well as the high level acidic water could restrain the growth of bacteria.
Display and correct the ORP value and PH level.
Maintain ORP value in the range of -250 ~ -900mv to gain the best capability of anti-oxidize.
Automatic reverse flush to the electrolytic cell.
Durable lifetime Electrode and Ceramic Diaphragm which are imported from Japan.
Equipped with current over-flow and over-heat protection design and heat release system.
High efficient energy-saving circuit technology applied.

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